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What would you do with $97.7 Billion Dollars?

Apple Inc has a lot of cash, it’s now the biggest public company in the world with ridiculously huge revenues from all the massively over-priced products brought by their mindless Apple fanboys… Not that I’m bias. But they now have a dilemma, they have a huge pile of cash and need to spend it (lucky them eh?). What would you do with $97.7 billion dollars? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Jobs has died

It has now broken that Apple Ex-CEO Steve Jobs has died. now simply shows a large image of Steve Jobs with 1955 – 2011 (his life), linking to a short statement from Apple, they also asked for those wishing to share their thoughts, memories and condolences to email

Steve Jobs has undeniably been a huge influence in the technology industries with an impressive CV ranging from pioneering the personal computer, the music industry with iTunes & iPods and bringing tablet devices out the cupboard and helping to show where predecessors got it wrong.

This sudden news makes Steve’s talk at Stanford University where he talks about how his ill-health and closeness to his death impacted on him.


iPhone 5 Coming In October Say Leaked BestBuy Documents

Report: Leaked Best Buy Docs Show iPhone Could Arrive in October

The fine people over at Boy Genius Report have stumbled upon documents by American electronics retailer, BestBuy. The documents suggest the iPhone 5 will be released in early October, suggesting that the current iOS5 beta is drawing to a close.

We all expected it, but this puts it into the horses mouth that we’ll be seeing Apple’s next iteration very soon.

Watch this space for upcoming info as we try to get a response from BestBuy.

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Tom’s Weekly Rant: How The iPod and iTunes Changed The World

Apple-logoApple are without doubt one of the most ingenious companies ever to grace the Earth. The iPod, launched back in 2001 is a tribute to this, and the ever changing technological environment. 10 years later, Apple sit atop of the tree of evolution, and are only seemingly getting higher.

Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and others, Apple Inc has climbed to the top of not just the technology tree, but also the profit tree; being the most profitable company in the world.

Whilst others would argue that they gathered a mass audience from the Apple 1 onwards, I’d disagree. It is without doubt that the iPod is the single most influential factor in the corporations path to success. As of 2010, over 297,000,000 iPods have been sold and to put that into perspective, that would mean the everyone in the United Kingdom would own 4 each!

But the question has to be asked; why is it so successful? The iPod came about in a period of time where CD’s were still popular and HDDs weren’t cheap for the sizes they came in. Apple however saw the future of storage, and realised it just wasn’t sustainable to only use CD’s as a form of mobile storage for music, thus giving rise to the tiny little white oblong with headphones. The iPod was the only device on the market that gave users the ability to store far more songs than a conventional disc, and it was portable.

Now you might be thinking, why hasn’t he mentioned iTunes? I’m about to. It’s all good and well to have hardware that looks nice, and revolutionises the way we do something, but without a GUI, it’s hard to get anywhere (Ever tried using a Zune on a Mac?). iTunes was launched in 2003, as a way for users to download music legally from a only music store. Which when you think about it, is fantastic. You have the option to download music legally, straight onto your hardware, and be listening to the song in under 5 minutes. It’s always a common belief that Apple are always 10 years or so ahead of everyone in the grand scheme of things. The introduction of the iTunes store was the first step in the move to not only online shopping, but also Cloud Computing. Jump back to 2011, and you will soon be able to stream directly from the iCloud to any iDevice, an idea first kick-started through the notion of downloading.

But what are the repercussions on the physical market? In 1991, the US had over 9,500 independent record outlets, yet by 2006, a mere 2,000 remained. Clearly not just a coincidence. However, whilst this may seem a staggering statistic, it was inevitable. Why spend quadruple (if not more) on a CD, when you only want one song? This was where iTunes saw a gap in the market, and milked it until the cows came home.

Okay, so we have a cheaper option to get music, but why not make it free? The introduction of downloading music online of course gave chase to downloading it illegally. Why spend $1 on a song, when you can download it for free, some would say. As of November 2009, the average American teenager had over 800 illegally downloaded songs on their iDevice, a massive +56% jump from 2004. The likes of Napster originally launched before iTunes became evidently more popular, being superseded by Pirate Bay and Limewire, with the ability to share MP3 files, quickly, easily and with massive breach of copyright.

Clearly, the introduction of iTunes and the iPod have had seemingly dire effects on the physical market, on the violation of copyright, and on the overall world in which we live in. But let’s not steer to far away from the benefits and the successes that the small oblong and program have brought into our lives. Without it, you’d still be going down to HMV to buy CD’s. You would be carrying around a CD player. And you most certainly wouldn’t be looking as cool as Apple would like you to.

Check out this to see what I mean: iPod 1st Generation Commerical

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Lion receives it’s first service pack

It seems the day has dawned – Mac OS X Lion, the operating system unleashed only a few weeks ago unto the world – now has it’s first service pack available. Thankfully, it looks to be full of bug fixes for a few gripes that Mac users have been posting about on the Apple support forums. Perhaps confusingly, however, the service pack is available in four different editions – one for clients, one for servers, one for 2011-model MacBook Air and Mac mini clients, and one for Mac mini servers.

First up, this update addresses the annoying issue whereby the onboard audio dies out when sound is piped through HDMI or another optical audio source. In a similar vein, Safari no longer crashes as often when playing a video in-browser (still no fix on the whole Flash debacle, though!). WiFi is now more reliable, and administrator-level accounts no longer disappear at random when using the operating system.

Server users get a lovely new reliability enhancement to the Apple File Service, whilst the MacBook Air update fixes occasional screen jittering, and stops the Mac booting up when the MagSafe power adapter is plugged in. The Mac mini update speeds up data transfer to and from SD(HC) cards.

Altogether, some good fixes for some common gripes in there. It’s good to see Apple taking on board the comments they get from the forums – good work, folks! To download Mac OS X 10.7.1 today, choose Software Update from the Apple menu on any Mac running Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”).

Skype for iPad

Skype has recently launched it’s Skype for iPad app which looks pretty impressive, while I don’t own an iPad (if anybody would like to send me one to play with I’d love you) but I of course know a few geeks with them.

Chatting to a friend who’s been playing with the app it seems like it really is as impressive as their ad.

The Skype app for iPad provides a nifty tool for video calling, particularly with the ability to use both the front and back cams on the iPad2. With impressive quality the app is quick, sleek and has a fantastic capacity for games as well.

One of the small problems which was pointed out is that the chat box is a little on the small side which can make text chat a little cumbersome.

Check out the new Skype app below, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

MyGreatFest – Coming to the UK

If you are part of the iCommunity you will of no doubt seen an event called ‘MyGreatFest‘ talked about, and grow in stature over the recent months. The ‘MyGreatFest’ concept and ethos is that of a unique nature, and has not only never been done in this community before, but has never been seen anywhere in the world. Conferences, conventions and gatherings exist for technology industry in general, for the computing industry and also for the video gaming industry – now it exists for the mobile smartphone industry – and it will be huge! The primary focus of MyGreatFest is to concentrate on what we believe to be the number one mobile OS on the planet – Apple’s iOS.

It will feature showcases and talks from prominent developers in the community. Such as Jay Freeman aka “Saurik”, a 15 year old iOS developer named Joshua Lee Tucker, another developer Chris Simpson (who creared 3Dboard) there will be giveaways, games, tournaments, stalls selling the newest accessory or case for your device, technical demonstrations to include question and answer sessions and much much more!

This event will feature respected members of the community you will already be aware of, and introduce you to talented people from all aspects of the community who you may not be. We are also pleased to announce an event date of 17th September 2011 for MyGreatFest. And tickets are on sale now at their eStore Don’t forget to pick up their iOS theme!

Finally, MyGreatFest have told us that they do plan to bring this fantastic event to the USA in early 2012. If that becomes a success (of course it will be!), we can see MyGreatFest becoming an annual event! So what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket before they all go!

iPad event on March 2nd

iPad2So it seems the multiple rumours flying around the interwebs were true Apple will be holding an event this time next week.

Seeing as in the invitation they have shown what appears to the corner of an iPad I think it’s safe to assume that this event will be based on the announcement of the next iteration of the iPad likely to be called the iPad 2, although some people have suggested the iPad HD.

So what are we to expect from this version of the iPad? If the rumours are to be believed and the leaked cases from companies such as best buy we will be seeing Apple’s first case of expandable memory as revolutionary as it isn’t the inclusion of an SD card slot. Also a higher quality screen and a front facing and rear camera. Personally I think Facetime over 3G is a must have here too. Video calling over Wi-Fi just isn’t good enough anymore especially as the new Motorola Xoom does video calling over both 3G and Wi-Fi, we could see Apple start to fall behind the trends if they don’t announce it.

So what do you think Apple will bring to use next week? Leave a comment below and read our Live Blog next week to find out.