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iPhone 5 Coming In October Say Leaked BestBuy Documents

Report: Leaked Best Buy Docs Show iPhone Could Arrive in October

The fine people over at Boy Genius Report have stumbled upon documents by American electronics retailer, BestBuy. The documents suggest the iPhone 5 will be released in early October, suggesting that the current iOS5 beta is drawing to a close.

We all expected it, but this puts it into the horses mouth that we’ll be seeing Apple’s next iteration very soon.

Watch this space for upcoming info as we try to get a response from BestBuy.

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Skype for iPad

Skype has recently launched it’s Skype for iPad app which looks pretty impressive, while I don’t own an iPad (if anybody would like to send me one to play with I’d love you) but I of course know a few geeks with them.

Chatting to a friend who’s been playing with the app it seems like it really is as impressive as their ad.

The Skype app for iPad provides a nifty tool for video calling, particularly with the ability to use both the front and back cams on the iPad2. With impressive quality the app is quick, sleek and has a fantastic capacity for games as well.

One of the small problems which was pointed out is that the chat box is a little on the small side which can make text chat a little cumbersome.

Check out the new Skype app below, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

MyGreatFest – Coming to the UK

If you are part of the iCommunity you will of no doubt seen an event called ‘MyGreatFest‘ talked about, and grow in stature over the recent months. The ‘MyGreatFest’ concept and ethos is that of a unique nature, and has not only never been done in this community before, but has never been seen anywhere in the world. Conferences, conventions and gatherings exist for technology industry in general, for the computing industry and also for the video gaming industry – now it exists for the mobile smartphone industry – and it will be huge! The primary focus of MyGreatFest is to concentrate on what we believe to be the number one mobile OS on the planet – Apple’s iOS.

It will feature showcases and talks from prominent developers in the community. Such as Jay Freeman aka “Saurik”, a 15 year old iOS developer named Joshua Lee Tucker, another developer Chris Simpson (who creared 3Dboard) there will be giveaways, games, tournaments, stalls selling the newest accessory or case for your device, technical demonstrations to include question and answer sessions and much much more!

This event will feature respected members of the community you will already be aware of, and introduce you to talented people from all aspects of the community who you may not be. We are also pleased to announce an event date of 17th September 2011 for MyGreatFest. And tickets are on sale now at their eStore Don’t forget to pick up their iOS theme!

Finally, MyGreatFest have told us that they do plan to bring this fantastic event to the USA in early 2012. If that becomes a success (of course it will be!), we can see MyGreatFest becoming an annual event! So what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket before they all go!

iPad event on March 2nd

iPad2So it seems the multiple rumours flying around the interwebs were true Apple will be holding an event this time next week.

Seeing as in the invitation they have shown what appears to the corner of an iPad I think it’s safe to assume that this event will be based on the announcement of the next iteration of the iPad likely to be called the iPad 2, although some people have suggested the iPad HD.

So what are we to expect from this version of the iPad? If the rumours are to be believed and the leaked cases from companies such as best buy we will be seeing Apple’s first case of expandable memory as revolutionary as it isn’t the inclusion of an SD card slot. Also a higher quality screen and a front facing and rear camera. Personally I think Facetime over 3G is a must have here too. Video calling over Wi-Fi just isn’t good enough anymore especially as the new Motorola Xoom does video calling over both 3G and Wi-Fi, we could see Apple start to fall behind the trends if they don’t announce it.

So what do you think Apple will bring to use next week? Leave a comment below and read our Live Blog next week to find out.