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Halifax Holiday Matchmaker

It’s become a fact of life that our Facebook profiles have a lot of information about who we are and what we like. Halifax Travel Money have created a great Facebook App which harnesses this and matches you to your ideal holiday based on the information in your Facebook profile, it also suggests who you should take with you!

I’m apparently suited to San Francisco, the app also finds places I’d like to eat, drink and have fun while on my San Francisco trip. From a geeky point of view, this app is a great example of how to harness what must be an extensive database of information and then matching that to the wealth of social information from my profile, and it does it pretty damn well!

This isn’t the first time that the Halifax Travel Money app has made an appearance, it was first launched in June 2010 and made a great impression then too, and now it’s back new and improved and is just a fun app to checkout and see what your holiday scrap book might look like!

There are over 17,000 people using the app, and it’s well worth a checkout, even if you’re just curious as to what a tenner will get you – I can get 2.32 loaves of San Francisco Sourdough bread in case you wondered – or just to checkout what the weathers like!

Check out the Halifax Travel Money app!

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