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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Tablets are cool, and are only getting cooler by the day. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is an awesome device, based on the incredible Android OS as well as the Touchwiz 4.0 which includes great additions like Live Panels and the Mini Apps Tray to make it easy to flick between apps with the touch of a fingertip, truly easy multi-tasking.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 includes all the bells and whistles from a HUGE 1GB memory, GPS, 2 inbuild camera of 2 & 3MP and all of the high-speed mobile networks including wi-fi.

Samsung got the Samsung Crescent racing team to have a look at the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it really shows how useful these lightweight (only 565g) devices can be in a variety of situations.

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  1. September 13, 2011    

    there are so many rising technology this .time..we are so living in the future..and most of them are superb technology..just like ipads…they work like magic,….

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