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Google set to release new photo sharing service “Photovine”?

PhotovineGoogle have recently applied for a trademark in the US for “Photovine”.

I think it’s safe to say that this will be some sort of service involving pictures and has been officially identified as “Communication services, namely, transmission of visual images and data by telecommunications networks, wireless communication networks, the Internet, information services networks and data networks”. So this is obviously a new way of sharing photos over the internet and judging by a further identifications as “Non-downloadable computer software” and “On-line social networking services” it is probably going to involve sharing photos with your friends and your Google account.

So it seems Google is now trying to take some of the market involving Flickr, after all we all know Picasa isn’t exactly a great photo sharing tool so maybe this will see Google enter yet another part of the social networking, lets just hope this works better than buzz.

You can view the original trademark here(United States Patent and Trademark Office)

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