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Meet the Team

Dan Rodgers – Chief Editor / Admin
Dan is a tech lover, and enjoys learning and playing with cool new things. Dan’s an avid tweeter and a keen blogger for his own blog and others. He also loves Web-Development with a focus on PHP. Dan also runs a growing Web Hosting business offering a range of products. Currently completing a BTEC Diploma IT Practitioners (software development) he plans to attend Reading University in September.
Lewis Davies – Podcast Editor
A student at Poole High Senior School in his final year, Lewis is studying Maths, Physics and his favourite Computer Science. A big gamer, spending most of his time playing Halo, and geek who loves technology he enjoys writing about it on his personal blog, Geek Tech Blog and his twitter
Michael Powell – Blogger
A programmer by trade, Michael has a keen interest in game news and releases, as well as web frameworks and technology of all kind, which he is willing to talk about; a lot. Soon to be a graduate from the University of Derby with a degree in BSc(Hons) Computing, he focuses on web technology and has a enjoyment in developing server side code in ASP.Net and PHP. For more information please visit his portfolio webiste here.
Blake Pender – Blogger
Blake Pender is a Microsoft Student Partner for the University of Kent. He does Computer Science with a Year In Industry and is gaining great knowledge of many programming languages such as C#, PHP and many more.
Jamie Keeling – Blogger
Jamie is an avid programmer and has a strong interest in the latest software development tools and technologies. With a particular fondness for C#, Jamie has developed games using the XNA platform as well as contributing to projects (including his own) on CodePlex and being an active participant on Stack Overflow. About to graduate at the University of Derby with a degree in BSc(Hons) Information Technology, Jamie plans to keep posting his insights via his website, expand his skill set and continue to develop software applications.
Andrew Langhorn – Blogger
Andrew is currently studying Politics and International Relations at the University of Salford, but keeps an extremely active interest in all things techie. Most of the time, you’ll find him in front of his Mac (which also runs Windows), with a coffee and a copy of Wired. He’s a Microsoft Student Partner, and works for an emerging connectivity provider in Manchester.
Tom Barron
Tom is a passionate gamer and blogger, taking huge pride in naming the planets of the Halo universe. He has finished his A2 studies and looks forward to attending University in 2012 to study a Media Teaching Course. A keen Tweeter, posting daily on tech, world affairs and events; and often found lurking around the internet.