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Windows Phone 7 – Developer Tools Updated

Almost three months after the initial release of the Windows Phone 7 platform , Microsoft are poised to release what many consider to be a “Service Pack” of updates, bug fixed and functionality. One of the main highlights in the forthcoming update is the introduction of copy and paste functionality which has been requested by a large proportion of Windows Phone 7 users (Microsoft stated during it’s initial Windows Phone 7 launch that copy and paste features would be implemented at a later date).


The upcoming copy and paste feature in action.

A look at the new copy and paste functionality (Credit: Microsoft)

This new functionality has now been released to all the developers of the Windows Phone 7 platform via the updated platform tools, available at the Microsoft download portal. This allows current developers to test this new feature using the emulator included in the tools.


Note: The updated software is only available for developers, a separate consumer release is expected to be released shortly.



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