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Let your Minecraft Creations come alive

I am pretty sure you all know about Minecraft. For those who do not, it is sandbox building game that has proven to be quite popular among the online community and creators alike. People spend days building different models out of textured cubes, which depending on the game mode, have to mined for, thus the name Minecraft.

With Minecraft.Print you can now make your Minecraft creations online. Minecraft.Print is a project by two students, Cody Sumter and Jason Boggess from the MIT Media Lab where they attempt to create a bridge between Minecraft and the real world, via 3D Printers. Here is a video of how they do it.

For those who can not view the video, here is a screen shot of, yes you guessed it, the companion cube.


So how does it work?

It is basically a tool that turns Minecraft 3D date into standard printable data. It uses in-game tools (blocks) to mark off the territory to be printed. For more details, check out their works here. You will find a gallery of all the different things that they have printed.

If it available soon cheap enough, I might actually be up for buying such a printer. Doubt it will happen though. Till then one can just wait for some one to start an online business where you send them your Minecraft 3D data and then post you your model for an affordable price.

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The 3DS and me.

Being one of the first 0.5% (if THAT) of people in the world to play the 3DS is a pretty big deal, and that’s exactly what I became today.

I was invited along with my friend Ryan to attend a Nintendo 3DS pre-launch event in Bristol where Games Journalists and a few members of the public could try the 3DS a month before it hit store shelves. It was a pretty magical experience too.

Upon arriving we were ushered in a room which contained a floor which when stood on would light up, if someone else stood on it, it would also light up beneath their feet and the two people would be connected together by spectral lights on the floor.
Also in this room was a bunch of previous Nintendo handheld consoles  to show really how far handheld gaming has come since those original primitive days of the game and watch.

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