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Kinect SDK Arriving in Spring 2011, sales to further increase

Kinect Unit

So they did it, after months of waiting and people creating open source drivers for it, Microsoft have finally announced the long awaited news and release date for the Kinect SDK. A while ago it was posted on the App Hub forums, during the battle with indie developers over their position in the Xbox live market place, that a future update to XNA would incorporate many things, such as achievements, leader boards and further improvements, but the one bullet point that stood out most of all was the fact that XNA would incorporate the Kinect API, and with the release of the SDK we are one step further to this goal.

I say this because it has not been said in the official release that this will be incorporated into XNA or as a separate package, so we all eagerly await more news on this development, but thing will be sure, no matter the success Kinect has had in the past, it is about to receive a whole lot more.

Windows Phone 7 – Developer Tools Updated

Almost three months after the initial release of the Windows Phone 7 platform , Microsoft are poised to release what many consider to be a “Service Pack” of updates, bug fixed and functionality. One of the main highlights in the forthcoming update is the introduction of copy and paste functionality which has been requested by a large proportion of Windows Phone 7 users (Microsoft stated during it’s initial Windows Phone 7 launch that copy and paste features would be implemented at a later date).


The upcoming copy and paste feature in action.

A look at the new copy and paste functionality (Credit: Microsoft)

This new functionality has now been released to all the developers of the Windows Phone 7 platform via the updated platform tools, available at the Microsoft download portal. This allows current developers to test this new feature using the emulator included in the tools.


Note: The updated software is only available for developers, a separate consumer release is expected to be released shortly.



Windows Phone Developer Tools – January 2011 Update

Microsoft gives Windows Phone devs copy,paste

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