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Debian is a big boy now – 18 years old!

Today Debian, the Linux OS, marks it’s 18th Birthday since the Debian Linux Project first kicked off with Ian Murdoch’s founding announcement statement on 16th August 1993.

In the past 18 years the Debian distro has grown massively with 11 releases to date with the most recent being Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” in February 2011.  There is also more than 35,000 binary packages for the amd64 architecture under the current “unstable” branch – over 44GB worth of Free/Libre Software!

Debian has become a well known and commonly used Linux Distro, available in over 65 languages, and with an massive user-base,  including a huge array of educational institutes Debian is here to stay.

Why not give Debian a try? Check-out!