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Veebeam HD – Watching HD Streams just got easy

VeebeamLogoIn recent years, and even the last few months streaming HD content has become so much easier, with the introduction of 40, 50 and soon even 100Mbit home Broadband connections streaming full 1080p HD is easy.

However, we are – for the most part – it’s awkward or just not as enjoyable to watch that HD film, or video on your crappy PC or laptop. Particularly when you have that rather lovely big screen HD TV which has been getting a little neglected since you discovered that you can easily stream video on your pc… Well not any more!VeebeamUnit

Veebeam seems like a fantastic little product to stream – in full 1080p HD – from your computer to your TV easily.

This clever little device wirelessly puts the Stream on your TV. It also includes optical audio output so you can also enjoy your surround sound system while you watch.

The VeeBeam HD looks like a very cool and easy to use product, with helpful usability features like the “play to” function so (after installing the software) enables you to stream files straight to the TV without it needing to display on your laptop monitor – very helpful when someone else needs to keep using the computer while you lay back and relax.

I can imagine streaming numerous content to my TV with this device, and the flexibility makes it a great solution without the need to worry about cables or configuring some fancy system.

You should check the VeeBeam out, looks like an awesome little gadget for anyone looking for an easy way to stream to their TV from any computer easily. Check it out and learn more on VeeBeem’s site and buy it now on amazon.

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Light Peak is here. Thunderbolt is the future.

thunderbolt-logoToday along with the Macbook refresh Intel have announced and release Thunderbolt (formally developed and know under the name of Light Peak). Thunderbolt  is a new I/O technology which gives insanely high speeds, currently at 10 Gbps (Thats a full HD movie, somewhere between 10-20GB in under 30 seconds), and a theoretical speed of 100Gbps in the future.

One of the purposes of Thunderbolt is to replace almost all of the all the ports on your computer into one, including FireWire, USB consumer devices, HDMI, DVI and VGA. This is so easily achievable with the 10Gbps Dual-channel speeds and with a extremely low latency it looks like this technology could easily live up to its potential  especially will Apple jumping on the bandwagon so quickly it’s almost certain that all other manufactures will start to follow suit, it’s just a case of waiting until Thunderbolt devices hit the market in mass.

So what do you think about Thunderbolt? Will it be a big the huge success it could be, or will it be pushed out by another technology such as USB 3.0? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.