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Review: Oregon – GPS Scout

I was recently asked to review the Oregon GPS Scout Backtrack Altimeter, which while sounding complicating is a very cool little device for those who are outdoors lovers.

After reviewing the Oregon GPS scout I have found it is a great device, and as someone who can be very critical of gadgets I’m rather impressed. The GPS Scout is great quality, surprisingly easy to use and appears very functional and feature rich tool.

The Oregon GPS Scout has 4 main modes: Altimeter which displays your current Altitude; Barometer which uses advanced Baro-compression tech which can detect the differences in pressure caused by altitude and pressure caused by weather conditions making it far more accurate than most devices on the market, also very cool from a geek view!

It also has Compass and GPS modes, which can be used for backtracking to pre-saved locations useful for hiking and finding your way back to the car/campsite.

I must admit there is one niggle I have with the GPS Scout which is the unit setting where you can set both the temperature and distance. Annoyingly these are not separate settings so you can either have it as °C (Celsius) with Km OR Fahrenheit with Miles.

Generally in the UK we use °C & Miles, while not a huge problem it is a little frustrating that can’t have both in my preferred scale.

The device also features a LED light which is useful, and when camping a vital feature. I’ve also found this handy when poking about inside my PC…

This is a great little device and worth checking out if you’re the outdoor type, I am looking forward to using this the next time I get outdoorsy.

Check out the GPS Scout on the Oregon site, don’t forget to post your own thoughts in the comments!

Disclosure: This product was provided free for the purposes of this review, this review is still 100% impartial and is solely my own honest opinion of the device.