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Review: PlayStation Move Sharpshooter

It’s hard to review a peripheral, well for me, because it’s really down to the person if they want to spend the money to use it with only some of the games. Things like PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect are different in my head because you can use them with the console, navigating the menus while also using them for games, whereas would someone by an attachment for an attachment to a console, for example a Lightsaber for Kinect and the Star Wars game (but you good just use your FX Lightsaber, wait a second that would be awesome!!!!) but here it is my review for the PlayStation Move Sharpshooter.

I have followed this since its announcement, being a huge time crisis fan and wanting the replacement for the Gcon and then waiting for a good holster for the Move controllers, and the Sharpshooter was well worth it. I’m going the review down to 3 main areas, the controller itself, working with First person shooters (for example Killzone 3) and working with on rail shooters (Time Crisis)

The Controller
The controller itself is extremely well built, with a nice weight behind it when holding it empty. The colour scheme in the US is a lot better, in my opinion, than the one the UK got. Unfortunately the main body of the gun is solid red and the holster area for the move controller is a whit, whereas the controller in the US has a full white body with an orange line on the area under the Move controller.

The buttons are well positioned for all types of games and are easily placed for quick access. One thing I didn’t see in the picture but was first to notice when I got the controller, there is a move button underneath the trigger. Now this is used in on rail shooters for cover and having it there frees your other hand to steady the gun rather than having it on top of the gun to press the move button to cover. This was a criticism of the first Move gun holster they brought out, which was just a plastic shell. The adjustable stock is a great addition as well to allow you to use it as a submachine gun firing from the hip or an assault rifle allowing for more accurate shots, and with the little touch of having a reload button under the magazine section, that’s just the icing on the cake

Even while in a fire fight and throwing the controller around to stab enemies and to get into the fight both the controller holds up well and both the move and navigation controller hold well in there compartments and are secure, and with feeling the vibrations from the controller really helps you get into the game, but how does it handle in a game?

First Person Shooters
Killzone 3 was sold as the new way to play with Move, being the first major leap for motion gaming for the PlayStation 3, and I gotta say that they pulled it off and that the sharp shooter is a great addition to it. I played the demo when it was released and tried with the Move and the dual shock controller and I preferred the controller over the Move due to it feeling to loose and not being able to really aim due to my arms becoming tired. However when I got the Sharpshooter and the Killzone release I thought they really bought their A game, this is the motion shooter to define motion shooters and with the sharp shooter it finished off the package it was astonishing. It was clear that the controller and game were designed and built together and if you have the full Move controller set, just push that little bit more for the sharp shooter, you won’t be disappointed.

Rail Shooters
Time crisis is a great game and with the addition of Razing Storm to the series, people who didn’t have the Gcon from Time Crisis 4 they were looking for a new attachment for their Move controllers. Well it is here now, with the move button (used as cover) directly under the trigger allows for quick access as well as being extremely responsive gives the time crisis fan exactly what they need, that and the digital trigger, it’s the gun the Time Crisis fan has been looking for.

This review may have sound extremely fan boyish but I will say the first time I opened it up I was smiling like a kid at Christmas and I believe that anyone who picks it up will feel the same. As Kevin Butler says “As I like to call it daddy’s little helper”.