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Extreme Unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy SII

There are some incredible videos of “Extreme Unboxing” of the Samsung Galaxy SII coming out currently, which I just have to share.

Firstly we have the Stunt Flight, in this we see Matt Brian of unboxing while being tossed around like a rag doll in the air at great speeds. This in it’s self is worth a look!

Then we have Basil Knorfli unboxing, in a cloud hanging off a mountain… It’s incredible seeing the device being used and shown off by someone rock climbing. This video in particular shows off how easy to use the Galaxy SII seems to be, particularly the responsiveness of touch, as well as showing off the 8 Megapixel camera with impressive results.

In the next video with Gareth Beavis from unboxing, speeding up the river Thames on a speedboat, and still able to discuss the fantastic features of Samsung’s new Galaxy SII phone. He also shows off the 8 Megapixel camera, the clips shown are of surprisingly good quality and incredible considering the circumstances the phone is being used under.

After seeing these videos it has only enhanced my need for a better phone, still running on a (very crappy) LG Intouch Max, which is limited to a painful Android 1.5 it’s impressive to see both how the Android software which is running Gingerbread on the Galaxy SII has come, particularly when bundled with a fantastic dual core processor and the awesomely vivid screen. This is one of the best phones I have seen one the market and definitely worth checking out… I know I will be!

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PSA: Windows Phone 7 Update Causing Issues for Samsung(Updated)

Samsung Omnia 7

You always know when a new update for anything comes out that there is going to be a issue for some poor group of people out there. Well if you have Windows Phone 7 and a Samsung handset then I’m sorry to tell you that it might be you. Over Twitter and Facebook people are complaining that the new update for the Windows Phone 7 is bricking some of the phones. It has been reported that the update is not completing correctly and that some users are getting a error message during the installation.

It is being reported as well that Microsoft are reporting a fix for the handsets having issues, that takes me back to the good old days of technology, simply pull out the battery and put it back in(Let’s see you do that iPhone). Failing that just perform a hard reset on the device and that should fix your issue. Samsung and Microsoft are recommending that you don’t attempt to update again until your phone reminds you, which is estimated to be around 2 days.

UPDATE: Microsoft have stopped Samsung models recieving the update at the moment, giving them time to fix the issues before releasing the update. Again this only for the Samsung models at the moment.