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Say hello to Tom.

267727_10150695149910722_601010721_19563582_6722850_nToday we welcome a new blogger to our team, Tom Barron and I hope you will all welcome him too. Tom is a big gamer and takes pride in the fact that he can name the planets in the Halo universe. He has finished his A2 studies and after taking a gap year will be attending university in 2012 to study a Media Teaching Course. Like this rest of us Tom is a keen Tweeter and we hope you will follow him. You will be hearing from a lot and he has a few plans for the website you will start to see over the next few months.

Tom will be mainly tackling the gaming and Apple based news and will be joining us on the podcast which we plan to start up again in the next 2 weeks.

We hope you enjoy reading his posts along with the rest of the teams’ and feel free to drop him an email at

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  1. Reuben Reuben
    July 2, 2011    

    i think you’ve reached a new level of saddness tom 😛

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