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Lion receives it’s first service pack

It seems the day has dawned – Mac OS X Lion, the operating system unleashed only a few weeks ago unto the world – now has it’s first service pack available. Thankfully, it looks to be full of bug fixes for a few gripes that Mac users have been posting about on the Apple support forums. Perhaps confusingly, however, the service pack is available in four different editions – one for clients, one for servers, one for 2011-model MacBook Air and Mac mini clients, and one for Mac mini servers.

First up, this update addresses the annoying issue whereby the onboard audio dies out when sound is piped through HDMI or another optical audio source. In a similar vein, Safari no longer crashes as often when playing a video in-browser (still no fix on the whole Flash debacle, though!). WiFi is now more reliable, and administrator-level accounts no longer disappear at random when using the operating system.

Server users get a lovely new reliability enhancement to the Apple File Service, whilst the MacBook Air update fixes occasional screen jittering, and stops the Mac booting up when the MagSafe power adapter is plugged in. The Mac mini update speeds up data transfer to and from SD(HC) cards.

Altogether, some good fixes for some common gripes in there. It’s good to see Apple taking on board the comments they get from the forums – good work, folks! To download Mac OS X 10.7.1 today, choose Software Update from the Apple menu on any Mac running Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”).

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