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Everything Everywhere: Orange & T-mobile – The “big 3G switch-on”

A while back Orange and T-mobile (UK) merged into a new company, Everything Everywhere Ltd forming the UK’s largest communications company.

As part of this Orange and T-mobile customers gained massively from the ability to use the other network for their 2G (SMS & Voice mainly) signal helping all Orange and T-mobile customers (myself included) better coverage and quality of signal.

Until now though customers have been unable to benefit from using the 3G signal of the other network. As of next week customers will be able to take advantage of the both networks 3G capabilities thanks to the latest advancements in the mobile networks evolution plan. This will enable all 27 million T-mobile & Orange mobile customers to enjoy faster internet and data access, with wider coverage (woot!).

Since the merge customers from each brand have already been using the shared 2G network in their millions, with a huge 1.7 million days worth of calls (that’s almost 41 million hours!) made on the other brand’s network, as well as a whopping 5 billion additional SMS sent and received since October 2010.

The big 3G switch-on will begin rolling out next week region by region to all T-mobile and Orange customers over the next few months.

“This is a significant achievement and demonstrates the latest milestone in our network vision and customer promise – to provide more things, to more people in more places than any other company in Britain.

Customers are always on the move and demanding instant access to information wherever they are. Not only will customers be able to talk in more places they weren’t able to before, they’ll also now be able to access the internet, social networks or download emails at improved speeds, in more places.” – Olaf Swantee, Everything Everywhere CEO.

The best bit? It won’t cost you a penny more. This will be rolled-out seamlessly and pricing and plans will remain as-is meaning a better service, without you having to pay a penny more, and without having to lift a finger. I for one – as a T-Mobile customer – can’t wait!

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