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Skype automatically adds contacts from Facebook after activating video chat without permission.

facebook-skype-merge-img1So today’s big announcement was the relaunch of Facebook chat and its video call integration provided by Skype however there seems to be a catch to the service which hasn’t been announced and quite frankly has annoyed me greatly.

It turns out that if your Facebook friends have their Skype details on their profile, and they have linked Skype with Facebook at some point (say for Skype’s Facebook feed integration) and have activated video chat that Skype will search all of your friends and automatically add them to your friends list. Without asking for your permission, or at least not expressly.

It gets worse too, if your friends have also done this then there is no accepting the requests it just automatically adds them to your list allowing them to see when you are online with you being none the wiser. I only found out as a friend pointed out that I had been automatically added to his Skype and I had automatically accepted the request. Personally I use Skype and Facebook for very different things.

Facebook is used for social networking and lets be honest anyone who you meet and get on with will probably add you and you will probably accept, Skype on the other hand is much more personal and is more for people who you intend to keep in contact with on a regular basis or for meetings etc. not for every Tom, Dick and Harry.This needs to be resolved and dealt with appropriately and quickly by both parties


  1. December 10, 2011    

    Sooo annoyed with this

  2. verne verne
    January 21, 2012    

    agree with the problem! solution?

  3. Mshahid2011 Mshahid2011
    May 11, 2012    


  4. Philip Citizen Philip Citizen
    June 29, 2012    

    Here is a fact. In fact it’s a no-brainer. Skype and Facebook are two entirely DIFFERENT applications and are used by
    Skype is  (was!) very good, apart from the idiotic interface, but with which we have learned to live. Facebook, on the other hand is a blood-sucking parasite and getting worse by the month which constantly adds, no opt-in, ever more invasive features and these days, without even an opt-out, not even by an obscure route. It used to be that you had to write (not email!), write to Tracebook to close your account, rather than de-activate. Now at least, they’ve (presumably been forced) to have a button (even though they’ve buried it deep in the settings) to close one’s account. It would have been nice to keep fakebook for those few small positive things I get from it, but it seems like I’m going to dump the lot. Why? … well, I came here due the blog-entry about the un-holy marriage of Skype and Tracebook, forcing contacts together. The writer said he uses the two applications for different reasons – well, I and countless others are in the same boat and who are the soulless creeps who have absolutely no compunction in changing that, by stealth and subterfuge, who I connect with in those two applications ???  Skype, now owned by Microsoft obviously have sold their souls too now, which is probably about par for MS anyway ……… 

    Well, both Skype and Tracebook, it may pay you to remember this ……….  
    “Friends come and go – enemies accumulate!”. 

    Tracebook has few true friends and MS-Skype is looking like it is less ethical than Skype was. Speaking as someone who has always, until now, had a sentimental appreciation of Skype and a tolerant working relationship only with Facebook – well, those days are OVER and I daresay there are many millions like me, who feel vague but increasing dis-quiet and frustration at not wanting to lose the service(s), but not knowing how to deal with the weekly intrusions and new tricks, especially from our faceless friends at facebook.  Like me, those millions of people are passive, but will eventually be tipped over the edge and …… It may only take an event like  new competitors for facebook and skype that technically work as well, to trigger an exodus. Personally I would love to see an end to Facebook’s un-bridled and un-reasonable behaviour, one exit won’t help the online world – but a mass walkout could send a very powerful message.

    So, developers … get cracking – there’s opportunity in this. Of course  you need to harvest information, we all know that, or, we should … but Facebook is now not loved and is becoming hated and feared by many, largely because they are more than greedy – they are seen as voracious and sneaky and un-ethical. Perception IS reality, fellers!

    I feel better now!

  5. EleutheriaPL EleutheriaPL
    July 11, 2012    

    Hello. I am about to cancel (not merely deactivate) my Facebook account because of the sudden, illegitimate and unexpected change in privacy settings under the cover of a minor change in the profile layout, a trick that has been played on me twice since 2010. I have sent a complaint to Facebook administrators about this, and today one week has passed, but there has been no answer. Although they had given me one week only to tidy up their mess by clicking one-by-one all my old posts and selecting the proper audience for each single sentence I had written for a few years, they are unable to send even a word of apology or explanation within 7 day’s time! 

    I see a different facet of the problem with the Skype-Facebook marriage. Apart from the fact that it obviously should not have happened without any notice, there is another extremely annoying nuisance: while you can delete any Skype-generated contact in Skype at any time, you cannot do it freely with a selected Facebook-generated contact in Skype. What is more, and THIS IS A GREAT OUTRAGE NOW, they have automatically imported unwanted contacts, which I myself have deleted many months or even years ago from my Facebook contact list. Believe me, for me deleting a “Friend” is the utmost stage of distrust and the last stage of the handling procedure with that person, and I want no more. Now the last things on earth I want them to do is remember me, see when I am online or offline, be able to contact me through Skype, or be able to harass me in any other manner possible!

    However, as I am leaving Facebook, I would like to retain my SELECTED Facebook contacts in Skype. Does anybody know how to do this, except for requesting almost 80 persons to open their own Skype-accounts (which they, as active Facebook members, do not really need for now)? Thank you in advance, I shall be much obliged. 

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