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TinyGrab – Under new management

Us at GeekTechBlog are big fans of TinyGrab, and have been closely following the service for the past few months, particularly when they got taken over by a new owner – Now we can finally spill the beans!

TinyGrab has has a rough couple of months, including issues with their domain which left many users pulling their hair out.

Company 52 quietly acquired TinyGrab on July 8th and since then have been busy stabilizing the service, including restoring the domain and improving customer support.

Launched in 2009, TinyGrab has grown quickly over the last two years to over 300,000 registered users.  It grew faster than the original founding team’s capabilities, and when the service’s primary server was hacked in March, it set off a chain of events that resulted in unfinished TinyGrab 2.0 beta software being pushed out the door, the disabling of all new paid-plan signups, and a firestorm of user frustration.

After considering offers from multiple companies, TinyGrab’s founders selected Company 52 as the best equipped and committed to ensure TinyGrab’s long-term success.

Since July 8th, Company 52 has taken over all development, maintenance, and customer support responsibilities.  It will also complete development of the Mac and Windows versions of TinyGrab 2.0, reintroduce the paid service plans, and release new mobile app versions.

Company 52 is a primarily US-based web and mobile application development agency.  Its small team of full-time designers and developers is geographically distributed, and has been developing very secure high-availability applications for the last 5 years.

TinyGrab is a cross-platform application that allows users to take screenshots, upload them to a cloud-based service, and share them – within seconds.  It was founded in 2009 by Chris Leydon and Nick Cooper.

Check out our other post where we Interview the Company 52’s CEO Michael Poythress about the TinyGrab acquisition, and their plans for the future – We also have three (3) 2-year TinyGrab Pro subscriptions to give-away!

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