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WP7 Marketplace Free App Submission Increased

Microsoft has increased the amount of free applications that a developer can submit to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace from 5 to 100, a newsletter from Microsoft said:

During the past months we have been working hard to improve our overall Windows Phone Marketplace experience based on the feedback we received from you and our partners. We heard from many of you that you wanted a higher limit on the maximum number of free apps you could submit for free.

We’ve heard you and are pleased to announce that we’ve increased that limit from 5 to 100.

If you’re having trouble submitting you free apps, please contact support

Interestingly the recent meetings with the team behind the ChevronWP7 application and a List Broker agent may of influenced the decision. “We can’t take total credit, but we did push that free application limit during Chevron/Microsoft talks” was tweeted by Rafael Rivera, one of the developers behind the infamous tool.


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