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Top 4 reasons why you should recycle your old Mobile

Recycling mobile phones and electronic equipment or “e-waste” is just as important as recycling glass and plastic materials. This is a little known fact in many circles, as the environmental movement is still expanding and growing, and people are still becoming aware of the full range of benefits of recycling materials. However, as you can learn from various electronics providers, such as O2, there are numerous benefits of recycling electronic materials as well. This seems a bit complicated for some, but really, it is quite fortunate, as it merely expands the range of helpful outcomes of recycling. Here are the top 4 reasons for recycling old cell phones, many of which you may never have considered.

4.) Many – myself included – never even bother throwing out their mobile phones, which makes forgetting to recycle even worse. It would be one thing to throw away an old phone without realising that it could be recycled – it is still being disposed of. However, to simply leave it in a drawer, when it could still be put to good use, is silly. Why not dig out your old mobile phones from yesteryear, and put them to use via recycling!

3.) You may not realise but most mobile recycling & donation schemes actually do a lot more than simply extracting the useful raw elements and often re-use functioning, but merely outdated, phones in less fortunate 3rd world countries, reducing the need for additional production of newer products and helping a whole new wave of people get their teeth into the mobile age.

2.) Mobile phones, and in particular their batteries, can often contain various harmful materials, such as arsenic, lead, and mercury. Simply throwing your old phone away, usually means it ends up in landfill, where the harmful materials would be free to harm the environment and potentially cause serious dangers. This is senseless when simply recycling  your phone properly can have numerous benefits, with little to no-effort on your part.

1.) Along the same lines, mobile phones also contain a number of materials that can be beneficial to preserve. These materials can include gold, silver, copper, palladium, and a variety of plastics, all of which are valuable materials. Again, throwing your old mobile phones away will lose these materials and require the consumption of more of them in the future, rather than allowing them to be re-used through recycling.

And if those reasons aren’t enough to persuade you…. Did I mention many of these schemes will also give you cash for you’re old phones?

Dig those old phones out and make use of them, donate them, recycle them, sell them. Just do something with them! And now I’ve said it, I’ll go dig mine out…


  1. January 24, 2012    

    The great thing about cell phones is that you can do a good thing and make money.  For example, last year paid an average of $80 for each cell phone purchased.  Sometimes over $200.  Recycling can give you a good feeling in your heart and in your wallet!

  2. Ted Ted
    May 18, 2012    

    Cash for old mobiles is great but looking it from purely an environmental view, the older your phone the more need to recycle it. Older phones were developed with less eco efficiency and their larger batteries release more toxins when left to decay in landfills.

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