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Trade up program for Blackberry and other phones launched by TELUS

With the new Blackberry 10 just about to be launched, the demand is set to be great amongst loyal users of Blackberry phones, but despite this eagerness, many will fail to get their hands on this latest upgrade, it will not be possible for everyone to afford the retail cost of it, the minute it hits the shops. The good news for those who can’t wait for this latest addition to the range of Blackberry mobile phones on offer is that TELUS has started a scheme which may offer a solution to this problem for many mobile device enthusiasts.

Essentially TELUS say the program they are starting up is a trade-up scheme, whereby people hand over their existing smartphone, in return for which they will be given a credit which they can use towards their new one – and the scheme does not just apply to users of Blackberry phones, as you can hand over phones by TELUS, Rogers or Bell if you wish to take advantage of the opportunity. Given the present economic climate and the financial uncertainty that many are experiencing, this may offer a real practical alternative for those who are keen to upgrade their existing phone.

In order for your existing smartphone to be eligible for the program, it needs to fulfil some basic requirements, such as be in usable condition with a display that can power on. However, beyond this, even phones which are in less than pristine condition will still be acceptable for the program, as TELUS plans to refurbish those phones which people hand in, in order to resell them to people in developing countries. The company has also stated that it intends to plant a tree for every phone received that does not have a resale value. The other condition attached to the scheme is that there is a limit of three phones that any one person can trade in, but this could offer people a viable way of getting the latest in Blackberry phones that they need for their work, or any other phone of their choice.

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  1. August 2, 2012    

    I’d like to trade mine hahaha definitely I will trade my phone.

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