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PayPal’s Twitter is hacked, accounts suspected of being comprised.


PayPal UK’s twitter has been hacked which can clearly been seen from this tweet (!/PayPalUK/status/88326927563243520) and as a result has caused suspicions that PayPal accounts may also have been compromised.

While this is all suspicion in the latest tweet from PayPalUK in which they say “All your paypal accounts are now frozen while we clean up this mess..” This leads to questions being raised as to why they would freeze accounts from just a Twitter feed being hacked and what exactly the mess is, and while this could just be a precaution we recommend keeping an eye on any accounts which you given to PayPal until they respond fully to the situation.

It would also appear that their account has been hacked again after gaining access back.!/PayPalUK/status/88337810704171008Paypalrehacked

PayPal have now said that the tweet claiming the accounts were frozen was also a fake and no details have been compromised as their twitter and paypal services are in no way linked.

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  1. July 5, 2011    

    I would think that it’s possible that PayPalUK may provide support via DM etc to users, so it may be that they are freezing accounts which they have DMed incase private details have been accessed via DM history.

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