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The 3DS and me.

Being one of the first 0.5% (if THAT) of people in the world to play the 3DS is a pretty big deal, and that’s exactly what I became today.

I was invited along with my friend Ryan to attend a Nintendo 3DS pre-launch event in Bristol where Games Journalists and a few members of the public could try the 3DS a month before it hit store shelves. It was a pretty magical experience too.

Upon arriving we were ushered in a room which contained a floor which when stood on would light up, if someone else stood on it, it would also light up beneath their feet and the two people would be connected together by spectral lights on the floor.
Also in this room was a bunch of previous Nintendo handheld consoles  to show really how far handheld gaming has come since those original primitive days of the game and watch.

Ryan stands on the 3DS streetpass floor.

After waiting around in this room for a few minutes we were joined by a couple of female representatives who apparently worked for Nintendo. We soon came to realize  that there were only female representatives from Nintendo here. All of whom could be considered attractive.
Were these really representatives from Nintendo? Or just an elaborate ploy to make everything look nicer? Either way I wasn’t complaining.

After explaining the concept of street pass to us (you walk past people and data gets shared, this can also be turned off) we were allowed to walk in to a dark room where we see an actor dressed as Ryu from Street Fighter 4. Another actor, dressed as Ken comes in, and they fight each other. Yes, I’m being serious.

After that live action room, we were taken to another Resident evil themed room, complete with Claire and Chris from Resident evil, and zombies.

This actually HAPPENED.

One of which grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. I’ve never been more terrified in my life.

Upon destroying the zombies and moving up some stairs, we were finally allowed to play the 3DS after we were talked to by Jonathan Ross.
Let me tell you this now.
It. Is. Amazing.

The 3D really WORKS.  I must admit I was a little bit skeptical. I wasn’t expecting it to be nearly as good as it was. But it really blew me away.
The first game I played was Resident Evil and upon first seeing the 3D, I honestly uttered the word “woah”, which caused a giggle from the “Nintendo Representative” stood next to me. It’s really got depth, like looking in to a little world of your own.  The graphics look great as well, as good as Resident evil 4 for the wii. The controls work really well. Joystick to move around, hold down the L button to bring up your gun, X to shoot and so forth. I found it annoying when the “Nintendo representative” next to me suddenly started asking if I needed help on how to play the game. “Do you know what to do in resident evil? Do you know the controls?”. She was only being helpful but I’ve been gaming since I was four years old. I can pick up games incredibly quickly. I don’t need someone constantly asking me if I needed help with games. But what you gonna do? She was just trying to be helpful I suppose.
Next I decided to try out Kid Icarus. Which I hadn’t thought much of before now. I had seen posts claiming it to be one of the biggest games on the 3DS but it hadn’t occured to me that it would be any good.
I was wrong.
The graphics are great, and it controls brilliantly. This game is pretty much a third person shooter. Half of it on-rails, the other half on the ground. It’s really fast paced, and full of action. A definite must-have game for any 3DS owner who is serious about gaming.

Next up was the game I’d been waiting for the longest. The remake of ocarina of time. This really properly showed the 3D because I had something in my mind to compare it to.
It’s still the same game we know and love, but with updated graphics and textures which fit it really well, and a new menu system which fits in to the bottom screen allowing a shift in gear or items quickly and on the fly. It should make the more tedious dungeons in the game a lot easier to manage (I’m looking at you, water temple) and really updates what most people consider to be the best game of all time to be an even better best game of all time.

Actual beauty incarnate.

With my limited amount of time I dashed through a number of other games including street fighter 4 (for any beat ’em up fan this is a must, but I’d also say that if you own a 3DS you need this game. It’s beautiful, fast paced and fun), Nintendogs + Cats (cute, but disappointing that the cats act just like the dogs except have a cat model), Super monkey ball (ever enjoyed this game before? Then it’s a must on the 3DS. Lots of fun.),  Create-a-mii (managed to make me from a photo of myself which was cool) and tried out a couple of tech demos.

All of the games that I played were lots of fun, so as a gaming console it wins. But what about the other areas that Nintendo talked about?
Like for example, the 3D camera that it has been boasting.

Street Fighter 4 is beautiful.

I must be honest, the 3D camera was a bit of a let down. I’m not sure if it was because the room was a bit dark or something but the pictures really looked quite terrible. Really bad quality.
If I had taken the pictures on an old mobile phone they probably would have looked the same. Ryan tells the story of one of the “Nintendo representatives” asking him to hold out his arm, which he did. She took a picture and showed it to him. He describes what he saw as some kind of alien being. like his arm wasn’t an arm at all but just some strange excess attached to his body.
I imagine I’ll be leaving that camera well alone.

After 45 minutes with the 3DS we had to leave. I just wish I had more time with it because it’s seriously a lot of fun. But I guess now I’ll have to wait with everyone else until the launch date.


-Cal Doughty


  1. Pimhole Pimhole
    February 14, 2011    

    This is all well and good, but can you play Battletoads?

  2. C-a-doughty C-a-doughty
    February 14, 2011    

    Unfortunately not yet…

  3. mickeldo mickeldo
    February 14, 2011    

    what about any driving games?

  4. C-a-doughty C-a-doughty
    February 16, 2011    

    There are driving games there, but I didn’t play any with my limited time on the system. Went for the games which interested me the most.

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