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Twitter Ads Set To Become Unmissable

This coming summer, it’s going to become a lot harder for you to ignore adverts on the social blogging site, twitter.

CEO Dick Costolo has been presented with a problem following the inception of ‘Promoted Tweets’ as they only appear when the user searches for a particular term on the site. For example, typing in Romance at the moment brings forward the promoted ‘My Chemical Romance Live Stream’.

The proposed plans is to incorporate these ‘Promoted Tweets’ directly into your twitter feed so that when you’re filtering through, you’ll see them.

I can absolutely see why they are doing this, considering the profit Twitter makes, despite it’s size. But at the same time, I simply can’t justify it. It’s the equivalent of having a link to McDonalds situated right above this line. It’s out of context and frustrating.

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  1. July 9, 2011    

    Unless they target those promoted tweets

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